Seth Lael

Bird Strings - Title track from new album

Bird Strings - Title track from new album by Seth Lael
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For fans of:Pink Floyd, Greg brown, Les Claypool, Iron and Wine, M. Ward
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  1. Bird Strings

San Francisco’s jack of many trades and multi-instrumentalist Seth Lael is gearing up to release his highly anticipated second solo album Bird Strings in October. Displaying equally intimate and playful guitar work reminiscent of Damien Rice and lyrics with a lush imagery akin to Iron & Wine, Seth lovingly alludes to his musical influences all while blazing his own path forward. The follow-up to his acclaimed 2011 record After the Hard Times, Bird Strings shows Lael further refining his long-admired skills on the guitar, mandolin and banjo and, with the help of famed Sound Designer McKay Garner (Red Hot Chili Peppers, Michael Buble), expanding into previously unheard sonic territories. ……………………………………………………………………………………………. Growing up as the ninth of ten children in a very musical family in Livermore, Seth’s unique upbringing and wildly varied career path have made him the seasoned multi-instrumentalist he is today. From an early age Seth and his siblings would sing together in church, often making up their own harmonies to the delight of everyone in attendance. He began performing in musicals at age 11 and just three years later, he picked up his brother’s Nylon guitar for the first time. Upon learning Van Morrison’s 1967 classic “Brown Eyed Girl” and a host of Led Zeppelin tunes, a burning new passion was born. Soon after, Seth formed his first high school band Funky Innards, and along with the music came plenty of fun and shenanigans – including the senior ball, where the band performed Zeppelin, Foo Fighters, and Tom Petty songs using helium balloons. Their fellow seniors got a kick out of it – the faculty not so much! Along with joining Hot Lunch – the only non-heavy metal band in Livermore – Lael’s passion for music became so great that he worked an incredible array of jobs to keep his dream alive. At various points he has worked as a banker, gas station attendant, roofer, baker, waiter, bricklayer, car washer, and flower delivery man. That burning desire to succeed in music, and the wisdom and stories born from it, has greatly shaped Lael both as a musician and a person and has caused many others to take notice. Lael’s debut solo album, 2011’s After the Hard Times, was uniquely recorded in friends’ houses all across the nation. From San Fran to Seattle to Lake Tahoe, Seth tirelessly completed songs of love, loss, hope, and cutting honesty in various living rooms, laundry rooms and apartments. Today Seth’s storied journey sees him performing in the self-styled “SlamRock” outfit The Wyatt Act while meticulously composing the tracks that form his second solo album Bird Strings. Set for release in October 2015, the long-awaited album will be accompanied by a West Coast tour stretching from San Francisco to Seattle to Reno, and naturally including a stop at his old stomping ground in Livermore. With a host of infectious new songs ready to perform for the masses – accompanied by his classic self-taught skills on the guitar, mandolin and banjo – Seth Lael is set to make big waves through the rest of 2015 and beyond.

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For fans of:Pink Floyd, Greg brown, Les Claypool, Iron and Wine, M. Ward
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