Seth Philpott

For fans of:Van Morrison, Tom Waits, Ray LaMontagne, Willie Nelson
There are certain things in this world that need to be experienced to be understood. Until you’ve stumbled into the sweltering heat of the French Quarter or landed head first into the red dirt of a rodeo, you won’t understand.  It’s those places and events that create a sense of adventure; the first time you step foot in another country.  The first time you pick up an instrument.  The first time you see the sunrise set over the Atlantic. That mess of heat and passion and ambition and hard work and desire won’t make any sense until you’ve lived it. Seth Philpott is a little bit like that. But until you’ve felt the rawness of his melodies seep into your veins, you won’t understand.      Growing up in a humble house in China Spring, Texas, Seth felt the ups and downs of adolescence like the rest of us.  His parents divorced when he was young, and his dad moved to Austin.  He spent some time living with his mom, siblings, and a friend of the family’s, and continued trying to navigate the rough road of being a teenage boy. Like any young kid in the midst of a divorce, He played football, he went to church, and did all the things that teenage boys do.  And even though he got his first guitar in 7th grade as a gift, it wasn’t until his sophomore year of college that he really put it to use.   And while most scruffy looking Texas boys grew up breathing in bad pop music and cheerleaders in short skirts, Seth was spending devouring the sounds of Willie Nelson, Tom Waits, Otis Redding, and Van Morrison. By college, he had immersed himself deeply in Americana, Southern-roots music. In the end, this shaped his music into a unique, artistic musical cocktail.  Think: whiskey on the rocks, with a twist.  Simply. Smooth. Rugged.    If you ask Seth what made him want to play music so much, he may not tell you a lengthy story about a longstanding inspiration or about a guitar he got from his great grandfather when he was five.  But, he will look you dead in the eye and tell you that the reason he plays music is to “shine a light.”    It’s this light, this search for hope, this desire for love and truth and wisdom, that sets Seth apart. He isn’t your standard singer-songwriter--guy with a guitar, only singing about cowboy boots and whiskey and the time he got dumped before the prom.  He injects vulnerability into his writing; he reveals a part of himself and his worldview that you don’t always get with most songwriters.  And, at the end of the day, he’s simply not afraid to sing about the truth—whatever that truth may be.  These days, Seth lives in Nashville, where he’s surrounded by a burgeoning group of likeminded musicians. He travels a lot, especially back home to Texas where most of his family still is.  He’s toured all over the country (and the world) like a bonafide young troubadour, and though he loves his country roots, he’s certainly not disappearing from the city anytime yet. Wherever you are, you might find him performing, writing, and even sometimes accompanying some of these other musicians, like John Dee Graham, Griffin House, David Crowder, Dave Barnes, David Ramirez, Ben Rector, Amy Stroup, Matt Wertz, Katie Herzig, Andrew Ripp, K.S. Rhoads and Andy Davis and so on.