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Home For Thanksgiving

Home For Thanksgiving by Shackles Free Entertainment
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For fans of:E. Carter, Lecrae, Japhia Life, Trip Lee, J. Robinson
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  1. Home For Thanksgiving
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“Home for Thanksgiving” is the first installment in a list of singles by Christian Hip-Hop artist J. Robinson. Thanksgiving 2014 marks the moment when this artist states that he will begin a new lease on life for the second time. In 1998, Jermaine Robinson (J. Robinson) was on probation in Miami. Though he was a juvenile at 17 years of age, he was motherless, fatherless, jobless, and homeless. With no help from the system, struggling to survive and to stay out of trouble, J. Robinson jumped at the opportunity to move out of town with his close friend Craig, and his father, to Massachusetts. Robinson attributes his new life to God, Craig Davis Sr. (father), and Craig Davis Jr. (son). The Davis family took him in, helped him get on his feet, find a church, and obtain his GED and Associates Degree in Broadcasting. They were able to completely change this troubled boy into a man.

From 1998 to 2014, J. Robinson relied on God and built a life of integrity. He worked for the state of Massachusetts in juvenile jails, group homes, job corp., and the state hospital. He shared his salvation with thousands who were hurt by bad circumstances, such as young people trying to leave gangs and escape street life or those who lost their parents.

In 2013, J. Robinson was arrested during a routine police stop for driving with a blown out tail light. Though he'd been stopped in traffic stops previously, this one would lead him to be sent to jail thanks to a fugitive arrest warrant from 1998 back when he left Miami. J. Robinson had not completed his probation. Though his life had changed and he had followed the conditions of his probation to avoid getting into anymore trouble, he had to explain to the courts back in Florida why he left the state as a juvenile. However, God protected Jermaine once again. His new family never gave up on him and his employer believed in his honorable reputation. It took a year of prayer, wise legal counsel, and the trust of his all those around him, but J. Robinson traveled to Miami to face the judge. Once there, he explained about the condition of his life back in 1998, the lack of help from his probation officer and his troubled childhood. He then explained the work he’d done since leaving Miami, such as his community activities to help at-risk youth as well as his numerous state jobs, and proved that the summons was a mere technicality. J. Robinson was faithful and God rewarded him.

A full testimony of J. Robinson's story is coming soon! Enjoy this 3:50 min song that is just a snippet of his story.


Artist: J. Robinson

Label (indie): Shackles Free Ent.

Beat Produced By: Tone Jonez

Written By: J. Robinson & Tone Jonez


For fans of:E. Carter, Lecrae, Japhia Life, Trip Lee, J. Robinson
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