For fans of:Jackie Hill-Perry, MC Lyte, Mahogany Jones, Swoope, Social Club

Shepherdess (Shavra Woodard) was born in Winnsboro, South Carolina and currently lives in Montgomery, Alabama. She’s the second of seven children (Lucy’s Crew) and is employed in the US Army Reserves. She attends Liberty University pursuing her Bachelors in Religion.

She has always used writing as an outlet to escape the rollercoaster ride that was her childhood, but never thought that writing was a gift from God. Although she received salvation in June of 2003 she didn’t expose her writing ministry in poetry until the spring of 2005 at a church youth event. “The Watchmen Society” ministered at the same event and there is where she was encouraged to continue to write poetry. During the year 2009 Shavra ran from God and the direction that He was taking her in. Towards the end of 2009 God spoke to her through a dream in which she was ministering through rap. She ministered her first rap during the “Kingdom Music Festival” (KMF) in 2009 and then again at KMF 2010. From then on she pursued God for inspiration and teaching concerning lyrics, skill set, stage presence, and preparation.

During the fall of 2010 she began to work on her first album and her debut album, Overcomer, was released on August 25, 2011! After returning from deployment; Keys to Victory EP was released on January 2015 on Noisetrade and Soundcloud with the single ‘Victory’ released on Youtube! A.G.O. (All Glory to the One) was released via Soundcloud on 1 year ago from the upcoming free album Graveclothes which will be released on January 3, 2017! (Other releases include ‘U R Holy Remix feat Dave Sims, circa 2012, features with ThinKing including Look At the Son, I’m On It Remix circa 2015, 2016.)

Shepherdess embraces the love of God and expands that love through her music in her ministry to other young women. The most driven part of ministry for her is evangelism. She’s allowed God to give her strategies to take her love for people, her creativity, and her ministry to the next level and is excited about what God is doing with His people and considers it all for His glory!

If there would be one thing she would want anyone to walk away from her ministry knowing it would be that, “Each of us has unique gifts and abilities, strengths, opportunities…It’s even better because it’s working for our good.”