Disappointment by Shutterwax
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For fans of:David Bowie, Pink Floyd, Fiona Apple, REM, New Model Army
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  1. Bristol Anthem
  2. Dreams Fall Away
  3. I Won't Say a Word
  4. Disappointment
  5. Hurricane
  6. Nothing Left but Breathing
  7. Deception
  8. Cinnamon Girl
  9. Life Lessons for Kids

An honest and quirky look at mid-life and the places we've carved for ourselves in this life.

With full-time jobs and families, Shutterwax can only find the time to get together once a year to write and record as much material as possible over a 5 or 6 day stint in the studio. Shutterwax is the brainchild of Jeffrey Brayne and Mark Rufino, who played together for years in multiple cover and wedding bands. They wanted an outlet for their original material. They enlisted musical heavies such as Jessica Brayne for vocals, Frank Diorio for drums, Harvey Brice for guitar and vocals and Zach Onett for piano and synths to fill out the lineup. Mostly an exercise in self-indulgence, they sequester themselves each summer in Jeff's carriage house studio to write and record. They give each song about 4 or 5 hours of development then jump into recording the best they can in the time allotted. Shutterwax has no guardrails in regard to the styles of music they produce. They allow the song to dictate the style and genre that best suits it. Being well-versed in many styles after having all performed in different cover acts for years, they are comfortable styling the song however its feeling.

Disappointment is the third full album from Shutterwax and features songs all recorded in the same manner described above over the past two years. The pervasive theme is a journey to Mars, picking up perhaps where Major Tom left off in Space Oddity. Nothing Left but Breathing starts us on our journey as our explorer braves the trail to Mars and discovers something quite unexpected. After forging this path for the rest of us, Deception now describes a new corporate paradigm for delivering humans from Earth to Mars in an effort to colonize the new Mars Station One. Though not in order on the album, Dreams Fall Away is a tangental and introspective look at aging, perhaps on Mars Station One or anywhere that experience and wisdom is no longer valued. All of the songs have a similar spirited quality and the one cover, Cinnamon Girl, fits well with the mood crafted by the album en toto. The album is summarized by Life Lessons for Kids which begs the listener to live without regret and explore all facets of oneself and the world that surrounds them, a skill surely to be needed on Mars and Earth the same.


Jeffrey Brayne: guitars, vocals, drums, synthesizers, lyrics

Jessica Brayne: vocals, lyrics

Harvey Brice: vocals, guitars, lyrics

Keith Bonner: vocals, lyrics

Mark Rufino: bass, synthesizers

Frank Diorio: drums

Zach Onett: piano, synthesizers

Kim Snyder: saxophone

Steve Kelly: engineering

For fans of:David Bowie, Pink Floyd, Fiona Apple, REM, New Model Army
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