Silos feat Nel Amore

For fans of:Azelia Banks, Diplo, Nero, Swedish House Mafia

Silos and Nel A hit the ground running with their debut Justice. Silos drops crushing basslines and beats while Nel A is spitting her Manchester flavour all over the tracks. Its Azelia Banks on a night out with The Swedish House Mafia and they get in A drunken brawl with The Prodigy. Manchester is a long way from Christchurch NZ, but at the age of 20 thats where Nel A now calls home after emigrating with her parents seven years ago.

Nel is one of those rare finds they call the Triple Threat, She sings, dances and writes her own material all with plenty of attitude and swagger. On All I Need her voice is pure and innocent, On Razorface she spits street anger and venom to her foes. Nel A is the Real Deal. She bleeds music from her heart and soul.

Silos has spent most of his life living and travelling around the globe searching for music and waves. Going from small town NZ to the heart of London definitely opened his eyes to A new world where anything seemed possible. This is where he was influenced by the UK dance scene and classic acts like The Prodigy, Underworld, Leftfeild and Roni Size. This was a long way from his rock roots back home but had the same adrenaline inducing response. He gets his kicks from both chugging guitar riffs and deep dirty bass drops. Silos also lives his music, and that journey has had him play shows from Vienna to Edinburgh, Brisbane to Invercargill, Bombay to London. Together Silos and Nel A have that thing every act wants, Chemistry, They are the compliment to each others strengths, and the music flows freely between them. They are proud of Justice and are ready to take it to the world and hit the stages and airwaves with their high velocity live shows and songs that will stick to the side of your brain like superglue