skott freedman

For fans of:Tori Amos, William Fitzsimmons, Iron & Wine, Patty Griffin, Sara Bareilles
once upon a time a boy found he had no words left to express the dwellings within. too much pain, too much sadness. there was only one who understood: a small, upright piano tucked away in the living room that hadn't been played in years. a bond was forged and thus began the lifelong romance of a boy and his piano. twenty years later skott freedman has composed some of the most beautiful, inspiring music that critics have heard in recent times. billboard magazine hailed him as a "star-in-waiting" and with 5 albums already under his belt, it's only a matter of time before skott's music is known globally. unimpressed by the overproduction that has swallowed up the music industry, skott's music is stark in its simplicity yet always resonating to the listener's core. with the voice of an angel and the piano skills of a madman, skott invites the listener in, tells a story, and gently shuts the door again. listen for yourself and see why fans have been moved to tears for over a decade.