For fans of:Anberlin, Paramore, Mayday Parade, Switchfoot, 30 Seconds To Mars
Nashville-based Skyhook, who has been blasting their unique brand of rock for four years, has now cannonballed onto the national music scene with the release of their new EP, Raise the Stars, which hit number 10 on the iTunes Rock Chart, as well as the in the top 15 Amazon downloads. Originally a worship band who made waves and turned heads at various national festivals, Skyhook's ultimate goal is to create and perform musical art that serves their generation with a message of hope and a challenge to pursue authentic change by repositioning one's life close to the heart of the Creator. Whether leading popular worship songs or rocking a venue with their own original creativity, Skyhook is multifaceted in their music, yet singular in their purpose: Create, Love, Influence, Worship. This NoiseTrade page includes their first EP, and a bonus LIVE worship recording of their cover for "With Everything".