Slippery When Wet

For fans of:Blondie, Joan Jett, The Pretenders, DollyRots, Bangles

Slippery When Wet has been honored by The 4th brigade of the Fort Drum, NY 10th Mountain Division, 4/25 Field Artillery A Battery, requesting their CDs "Motel Boy" and "Like A Phoenix" for moral support while patrolling the deserts in Iraq.

Slippery When Wet is more than just another rock & roll and blues band, it is the offspring of fate. After years of drifting around from band to band, Linda in Chicago and the Phoenix area, Von Shadow in his native Arizona, and never finding quite the right combination of musicians, both wearily packed away their dreams. Ironically, they had crossed paths before, but were involved with different bands, never played together and lost track of each other. But it was surely Kismet because ten years later they ran into each other at a book store and within two years they were married, playing and composing together. They have released over 50 songs and ready to release their 5th album this Spring. . If you are a hard core classic 70s and 80s party rock & blues fan, Slippery When Wet will satisfy your deepest cravings.