Sonder City

For fans of:Coldplay, The Killers, twentyone pilots, Imagine Dragons, Zedd

An alternative rock project fused with elements of pop and electronic dance music, Sonder City has been compared to a cerebral melding of Coldplay, The Killers, Twenty One Pilots, and pop-EDM. The band speaks to an evolving cross-section of the human psyche; its platform a revolving landscape of alternative sub-genres, the core of its message is threefold: raw, momentary self-reflection, the bold championing of idealism, and the extraordinary power of belief in oneself.

Within the depths of its debut album, Brave New World, Sonder City explores compelling layers of alternative rock fused with rich electronic sequencing, intermittently laced with spoken word and powerful synth anthems. An odyssey into the human spirit, Brave New World dissects, digests, hails, mocks, and ultimately embraces the current state of humanity and its oscillating relationship with the Earth we all share.