Song of love

For fans of:steel panther, iron maiden, black sabbath, megadeth, kiss



SONG OF LOVE really starded in Los Angeles California when metal was rulling the world, and everybody was listening to real music. Fabien, Song of love' s bass player and composer Was at the time drummer. He was approached by different bands like Corrosion of conformity, Ratt's De martini's brother. He used to hang out with The Mentors and would meet metal stars often

Gene Simmons, Paul Stanley, Armored saint, Helloween, Voivoid piggy. A metal has faded from mainstream, Fabien found out he could wite quite amazing songs which can reflect a different array of heavy metal music.

Song of love's goal is to bring heavy metal music back to the forefront. All over the world in the biggest arenas and in front of millions of people, which can finally listen to real music again.

In a day when many metal bands sound the same and are uninspired. Song of love wants to bring originality and uniqueness back to the music world. For the metal fan's happiness.

You have noticed that Song of love mainly talk about two important topic. Their firct album Orgasm planet has two sides. Side A Orgasmic side 2 Prophetic side The orgasmic side of Song of love is to let you know that life is short. That you should live your life to the fullest. Months and years pass and you might not be enjoying yourself to the fullest.

The prophetic side of Song of love is to give an indepth look at the beautiful and mysterioud spiritual world around us. Of such many metal bands have talked about which make us dream Heaven or hell Black sabbath. For whom the bell tolls Metallica, Halloweed be thy name Iron maiden among many others.

And the events that have to soon transpire on earth. Song of love promising first album is ready to hit the stores in a few weeks. The first single A girl named clit came out. Song of love should be hitting the road soon and coming to a city near you. You can now jump on the bandwagon and enjoy this beautiful diversity of heavy metal sounds that will really make you day brighter and empowered.