Songs From The Howling Sea

East End - Song A Week

East End - Song A Week  by Songs From The Howling Sea
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For fans of:London, Elvis Costello, Crowded House
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  1. Sunshine From The East.mp3
  2. White Blossom Blues.mp3
  3. Poems & Rhymes.mp3
  4. American Jack.mp3
  5. Desire.mp3
  6. Backwards.mp3
  7. Wounded Shoes.mp3
  8. Judgement Day.mp3
  9. Resurrection Man.mp3
  10. Flowers Of Fortune.mp3
  11. The Isle Of Dogs.mp3
  12. Then And The Now.mp3
  13. Geneva's Call.mp3
  14. The Crown's Keep.mp3
  15. A Boy Like Him.mp3
  16. Evening Hour.mp3
  17. The Gallows Tree.mp3
  18. Words And Whispers.mp3
  19. Clara.mp3
  20. Matches.mp3
  21. Holly, Green Holly.mp3
  22. Hide & Seek.mp3
  23. The Marshal's Dance.mp3
  24. Home.mp3
  25. Spring Heeled Jack.mp3
  26. When The Lion Roars.mp3
  27. Ballet Of Blood.mp3
  28. Where The Two Halves Meet.mp3
  29. Harriet.mp3
  30. Hear Your Master Sing.mp3
  31. Sometimes A Crow Sings Like A Lark.mp3
  32. Me, My Girls & I.mp3
  33. The Widow's Son.mp3
  34. The Taste Of Light & Song.mp3
  35. The Howling Sea.mp3
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Ruairidh Anderson writes songs about London at All tracks included in this FREE album were part of a 'Song A Week' project that ran from June 2010 - June 2011 based on characters and events from London’s Old East End. These were accompanied with a video providing the historical tale (see In Oct 2011 a second series began, this time drawing on the history of the 5 Olympic Boroughs.
For fans of:London, Elvis Costello, Crowded House
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