For fans of:Strand of Oaks, Pogues, Jose Gonzalez, Phosphorescence

“Sonofdov croons songs that sooth the soul from the madness within our own minds. The striking compositions of singing and songwriting by King have been masterfully crafted to portray the human emotions in such a visual manner translated to the listener.” -Scarlett Ziemba Speak Into My Goodeye

From post-punk beginnings to melancholy daydreams. New Jersey based singer/songwriter Dennis King aka Sonofdov(pronounced like dove) first discovered music on his family’s out of tune piano, pounding out dramatic overtures with no rhyme or reason. King taught himself out of necessity and emotion, the latter being the driving pendulum,which is still present in his music today.

“I heard King’s music online and it haunted me in the most beautiful way imaginable”. The Tate State