Square Bizz

For fans of:Scareface, Janita, Motown, Ugk
If you asked Square Bizz 4 years ago if he would have a music video on rotation at MTV & VH1 without even being signed to a major label, he would have told you, "Watch me!” His humbling confidence is a contradiction, but as the newest contender for a place in Hip Hop royalty, his beats and rhymes speak for themselves. J.D. Hawthorne hails from Houston, TX; the city that lent the infamous Geto Boys and Scarface. Bizz started his love affair with music 15 years ago, putting a cool, energetic, relatable vibe into his work. You won’t find him down south these days though, in 1999 Square Bizz made his way to the NW, which would forever change the music scene. Bizzes most current album "15 Minutes of Fame” was released in 2012 and is everything that we have come to expect from such a talented artist. Bizzes dedication to music does not just consist of writing and performing his music, you can also catch him writing verses and working alongside some of the most talented artists in the region. Square Bizz is the real deal and a soon to be force in the hip hop world. Stay tuned folks, there's another big #BANG in store for 2013!