Stars & Constellations

For fans of:Efterklang, The River Empires, Sleeping At Last, Anchor & Braille, múm

Stars & Constellations was started in December of 2010 by Azrael. From then on, they worked tirelessly for 4 months straight piecing together rhythms, ambience, and mystery. In this part of The Immaterial Awakening story, The Crystal Boy journeys throughout space and time as well, as the zodiac constellations, including Ophiuchus and Orion.

The project began with overt classical music and subtle electronic sounds, and has since stretched beyond that, while still remaining the focal point. Azrael has brought Trance, Drone, and even Acoustic music to releases, always changing from album to album.The project's 9th LP, Chapter IX: In Which His Lingering Grief Rests At Long Last, is the latest release.