Stephen Winston

For fans of:Dan Fogelberg, Van Morrison, Cat Stevens, Elton John

Stephen Winston’s highly anticipated fourth album, Unresolved considers the emotional upheaval that the insightful, wisdom-rich singer-songwriter has experienced since the release of his critically acclaimed 2014 set Grayling. Winston gets back to his roots, collaborating with Michael Pfeifer, who also co-produced, engineered, mixed and mastered The Overlook Sessions and its follow-up Gradient Nights (2011).

Winston, ever the insightful and emotional musical storyteller, found life affirming ways to chronicle some of the traumatic personal and family challenges he has faced in song. Winston artfully balances the heavier themes on Unresolved with spirited observational tunes that tap into his pop-country leanings. “I always remind myself that music is the one thing that can take me many different places and discover things about myself I might not otherwise be in tune with,” he says. “It is an incredible blessing to have the opportunity to write songs and make music, knowing that when I do that, it will be there forever.”