Stewart Hodson

For fans of:Chick Corea, Dave Weckl, Weather Report, Jean Luc Ponty, Yes
Writer/Composer/Musician/Artist....Keyboards, Drums & Percussion, alittle guitar and creativity......My influences have been Hendrix, Beck, Bruford, Cream, Corea, DiMeola, Ponty, Weather Report, Weckl, Gadd, Zappa, Yes, Rundgren, Yanni, Patitucci and many, many others......I started playing drums at the age of nine, four years in a West New York Marine Corp marching band, played drums in various high school rock bands, started playing percussion instruments after high school and have been playing keyboards all my life. I've Played keyboards & Percussion for many bands throughout the years... Progressive Rock, Jazz, Fusion and Experimental music are my styles of choice..."Public Appearance", a compilation of previous CD's, will take you on an incredibly exciting journey. Poly-rhythmic drum tracks, hot melodic solos and powerful arrangements make this CD a very unique product. "Public Appearance" cuts were personally selected as a cross reference of my musical tastes and accomplishments.