Sunshine Drenchy Records

For fans of:The Beatles, REM, Wilco, XTC, Tom Petty
Sunshine Drenchy Records is a small boutique record label collective based in St. Petersburg, Florida. We refer to it as a "boutique label" because it sounds a little cooler than say, " Obscure and dysfunctional group of musical miscreants who remain largely unknown to the general populace." We like to write, record and release records of the sort that we'd like to buy ourselves. You may call us curmudgeonly caretakers of that which slips between the cracks, if you will; stuff that may not be sugary enough for hard-core power-poppers, but may be little too poppy for folkie purists. We like acoustic guitars and mandolins and see no reason that they shouldn't sit happily alongside bombastic orchousti-pop confectionery. Pluck 'em if they can't take a joke, we say.