Daytrotter Session - May 14, 2012

May 14, 2012 Daytrotter Studio Rock Island, IL by Taurus
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  1. Welcome to Daytrotter
  2. Money Man
  3. Born A Lion
  4. Find One
  5. Carolina
Taurus lead singer Chris Morrissey and the characters that he develops in song are worn down to the nubs, some of them. They're ready to do something else, to go somewhere else and see what their luck will be there. It doesn't seem that there's anything really stopping them from just yanking the stakes out from the ground, folding the tent back down as well as they can, shoving it into the back of the truck and just moving on after some coffee and maybe a few eggs. It's about the right way to begin a day - just roll up your bed roll, pull up off of the grass so it can un-bend and get a little stretch in and power on down the highway - never to look back, even though the neck always tends to want to break to the rear, just one last time to confirm that this is the right direction to head toward.

Morrissey sings about a "special kind of loneliness," and it feels like one that a person searches out, not one that finds that person. It's a willing loneliness, one that gets sunk into, one that gets explored, even if it's not the most desirable of circumstances. It's something that makes a body heartier and it makes a head wiser, while graying first - the hairs around the temples - before moving on to the rest of the waiting head. The folks that Morrissey writes about don't seem to be afraid to be alone - even when they suggest that they are - they just seem to be adverse to it. It's not for them, but they're getting better at dealing with it. They start to figure that if they're going to be alone, they can do that anywhere and a few of them pick places like Minnesota or the like to try out the feel of the sensation there. They keep insisting that they're going to go somewhere cold, that they can "take the winter," as if both they and the actual season were wearing gloves and they were planning on sparring for a few rounds, to prove themselves or to eat their words. When a restless soul gets to that point - where an actual season is what needs to be bested - there's no telling how he's going to look on the other side of the tussle. It could go either way, but you're betting that the animal instincts kick in long before the last droplet of blood would ever be spilled.

Taurus songs are made for and by the seekers, those out there looking - sometimes desperately and other times blindly. What they're looking for stays mostly the same, though there are alterations to that search for general happiness, for companionship and a place in the world that suits. Morrissey sings, "I saw a movie/About dreamin'/Made me wonder/If I was sleepin'/I stopped breathin'/I needed someone to call," and elsewhere offers, "I believe my mother/I should find somebody/I haven't tried at all." There's no telling if the wilds of the winter, out there amongst the snow drifts is going to be the place where any of this will be found, but it probably won't hurt. It's at least somewhere new to look.