Taylor and the Nerds

For fans of:Dashboard Confessional, Relient K, Death Cab for Cutie, Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness, Switchfoot

Having a love for music from an early age, songwriter Taylor Woodward always knew music would be a huge part of his life. During his time studying neuroscience in college, he played in several bands (Ginger Colony, Star-Off, Dry Erase Tracks) and was always building a body of his own work in addition to the songs he performed with these groups. Once the members of Dry Erase Tracks decided to go their own ways, he began producing songs in his apartment as a solo project. Written, performed, recorded, and produced by Woodward, with the help of a few friends for drumming and backing vocals, the songwriter poured as much as he could into the songs. Before long the “Insecurity Blanket” EP was finally born. The record is a testament to one's ability to rise above difficulty and reach new heights.