Against the Grain

Against the Grain by Temples
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For fans of:Jesus, Foo Fighters, John Piper
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  1. At the Fountain
  2. Only the Dog Knows
  3. Even One More
  4. Woe is Me
  5. Creature
  6. Missing Workers
  7. Against the Grain
  8. Invitation
  9. Tree Song
  10. Small Faith
  11. Grounded
  12. Homesick (Journey of the Martyrs)
  13. Bare White Walls
  14. Alleluia
  15. Chambri
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"Against the Grain" is an album obsessed with the tension that believers in Jesus Christ experience between what we were and what we will be as people transformed (and being transformed) by God's grace. One line from "Grounded" crystallizes this thought:

We're not there yet, we're still waiting. We are seated in heavenly places.

Those things are opposite. How can we be here and there at the same time? But this is the essence of the Christian life. They are both true. So instead of maximizing one at the expense of the other, we must hold both highly in tension. Praise God, in the midst of this tension, we find ourselves being drawn more and more into who we truly are, and will one day experience the full reality. We hope and pray that as you listen to these songs you will be drawn to the Jesus that we’re pointing to, and that you will be encouraged to press on in becoming like Him more and more.


Our Musical Partners:

-Chambri Christians / Chambri was a song originally written by Christians in the Sepik region of Papua New Guinea. Joel and Matt helped with finishing the song. Audio was recorded by Matt Klockenga from Papua New Guinea video footage in March, 2013.

Kristin Dierking, Anne Geroulis, Todd Hiller, Kevin Paulsen: Additional vocals on Grounded

Elise Garza: Vocals on Missing Workers, Invitation, Tree Song, Grounded, Alleluia

Todd Hiller: Keys and Tambourine on Even One More

Scott Miller: Additional bass on Alleluia

Mandi Nash: Vocals on Even One More

Lynn Parker: Violin arrangement on Missing Workers

Adam Zarn: Cello on Missing Workers, Small Faith and Whom Have I

All Songs written, arranged and performed by Temples

Temples are Joel Nash & Matt Taylor

Mixed by Mat Prock at Area44 Music- all songs except those noted below

Mixed by Todd Hiller- Invitation, Grounded (ending), Woe Is Me, Chambri

Mastered by Mat Prock at Area44 Music

Recorded by Joel Nash & Matt Taylor at various apartments in Los Fresnos, TX

Piano for Whom Have I recorded at Joel’s parent’s house

Additional Instruments recorded by Todd Hiller

ProTools Editing by Todd Hiller

Artwork & Photographs by Matt Taylor

Design Arrangement by Justin Vander Ark

Additional Recording & Production Contributions by Todd Hiller & Scott Miller

Additional Recording at Todd & Scotts’ basements in Geneva & Batavia, IL

Thank you Jesus for the eternal rest You’ve given our souls and for the purpose You’ve set for our lives. A big thank you to Joel’s wife Mandi for supporting Joel through this project. We couldn’t have done it without you. Thank you Derek Joseph, Steve Best, Walt Barrett, Brian Fisher, Jason Draper, and Steve Leston who have labored at investing their lives so we could understand "the whole counsel of God." Thank you to our dear family and friends, our home churches, our partners in the advance of the gospel, Todd Hiller and Scott Miller for all of your guidance and support, and for everyone else who made this album possible.

For fans of:Jesus, Foo Fighters, John Piper
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