For fans of:Laura Nyro, Cults, Beach House, The Walkman, Real Estate
I. Prehistory  In the winter of 2009, a sailboat scuttles Patrick Riley and Alaina Moore northward along the Atlantic Coastline  from the Gulf to the Chesapeake Bay.  II. Meanwhile Like slumbering plans shared with no one, songs are gradually written.  III. Over A Weekend A name is casually chosen out of necessity: Tennis.  IV. Reversible Destiny  A quiet root does not know how much it will grow. So Patrick and Alain play, write, and are joined by other  bandmates, James Barone and Patrick Meese.  V. An Arcane Sweetness A deal is struck with Communion in September of 2013.  VI. Go On, Revealing Nothing. Because sounds no longer speak for themselves and neither do songs; our life in bullet point.  VII. Mixed Meaning After more than a year of silence, five songs of various influence and design are released under the title "Small Sound."