The 71's

For fans of:Jet, Foo Fighters, Pearl Jam, AC/DC, Stone Temple Pilots
The 71's release their new full-length album We Are The Seventy Ones on August 21, 2012 and are pumping new blood into the world of rock and roll. Recorded at Valve Studios in Dallas, TX, this album represents the most versatile, complex and artistic project ever attempted by this high-energy Houston rock and roll band, and shows a great deal of maturity and growth in subject matter and musical arrangements. Keeton Coffman's vocals reflect an impressive range as he seamlessly transitions from stillness and sensitivity on ‘Taken’ to the gut-wrenching anger of ‘Waves’. Ryan Cecil continues to amaze with his brilliant guitar work, and the Lisenbe brothers - Tank and Jacob - shine on drums and bass. Funded by a fan-supported Kickstarter campaign, the new album represents a huge thank you to their loyal fans across the country. Keeton Coffman - vocals, guitars, keys Ryan Cecil - guitars, vocals Jacob Lisenbe - bass, vocals Michael Lisenbe - drums, vocals