The Castros

For fans of:The Civil Wars, Boy, Lenka, Of Monsters and Men, The Lumineers

“The haunting & beautiful voice, the simplicity of the music, and the sincere delivery shines a light on an amazing composition of a pop legend. Well done." -The Peer Press / Working Rhythms (on Billie Jean review)

The Castros has become a staple in its growing Columbus music scene, where they got selected to represent the city with a song for its Bicentennial and were named Best Local Band 2013 by (614) Magazine. Their biggest show yet was at the legendary Newport Music Hall, where hundreds of people danced, clapped and sang along to their songs.

In the summer of 2006 Marco and Sara's worlds collapsed when both met in Savannah GA, and little did they know that three years later they will embark on such a musical journey. Marco is from Costa Rica and has been influenced by a lot of musical diversity that ranges from the sounds of heavy music to Latin rhythms; Sara grew up in Newark, OH listening to classic rock and folk music. It's no wonder where their need of experimentation comes from, and how this collapse of influences and cultural conversation makes them want to push envelopes and thrive to be unique. They even have some songs in Spanglish!

They try to craft their songs in such a way so that they can have greater depth and a meaning, and may ultimately help unveil the heart and open it up to the infinite possibilities of pure agape LOVE.

That's in essence what The Castros are: a musical treat for the heart.

"If you listen closely to their [live set] self-described indie-pop folk, you can hear elements of salsa music, heavy metal and classic rock.(...) they pushed each other in the right directions to create something that is different and familiar all at the same time" -C Magazine

"A musical feast for the heart, some may say. And we agree" -Indie Mag