Favorite Gentlemen

For fans of:Manchester Orchestra, Kevin Devine, Right Away, Great Captain!, O’Brother
Favorite Gentlemen was originally founded by Manchester Orchestra in 2006 as an artist community and has since grown into a fully functioning label with 30+ releases under it's belt. The label stands unique to many others, still carrying the spirit of community and friendship as it's foundation. As a label and a community Favorite Gentlemen has always believed in "strength in numbers," working together pooling resources, relationships and knowledge to push each artist and the community as a whole forward. It's in this spirit that the label is now launching its first ever official Favorite Gentlemen tour featuring four of the family's acts (All Get Out, Death On Two Wheels, Harrison Hudson and Junior Astronomers). In celebration of the inaugural tour Favorite Gentlemen is giving away a sampler featuring music from a portion of it's roster. Be sure to visit favoritegentlemen.com to discover even more artists and great music.