The Hawk In Paris

For fans of:M83, The Postal Service, Depeche Mode, Friendly Fires, Gotye
The Hawk In Paris began when the three friends reunited after nearly a decade. “It was an experiment. We didn’t know what we’d write about. We just wanted it to be inspiring,” said Matt Bronleewe, one third of the trio that includes Jeremy Bose and Dan Haseltine. The Hawk In Paris draws from many influences, including electronic pioneers like Kraftwerk and synth-innovators like NIN. Older influences are balanced by new artists like Trentemoller and Friendly Fires. “In our memory, the 80’s and early 90’s were about massive drums and expansive synth textures. But when we referenced that music, we found that we were creating something new,” said Bose. "Freaks", the band's debut full-length is due out October 29th. You can pre-order it via