The Hope Arsenal

For fans of:Bon Iver, James Blake, John Mark McMillan, Novo Amor, Volcano Choir

In 2011, The Hope Arsenal began as a side project in a college dorm room in Raleigh, NC. The song "Fields of Dreams" was recorded as a thoughtless experiment, and had no specific direction or goals, but soon would develop into a worthwhile musical pursuit. Ben, the single member of The Hope Arsenal, wrote and produced an EP that would lay the foundation for years of future writing and producing as The Hope Arsenal. After the first EP was released, Ben was diagnosed with stage 3 cancer, and life was put on hold for a while. Although recording music came to a screeching halt , Ben did not stop writing the music and the poems that would one day become his best work. The song "From The Valley" was written as a response to the dark days of his chemo therapy, not only from the physical perspective, but also from the emotional spiritual aspect. Later, a poem Ben wrote about accepting the possibility of death at a sooner time than expected, would become an inspirational musical composition that would inevitably give a lasting, meaningful peace to the future of his life titled "Wake Your Soul", and it would be the header song of the album release "Cathedrals". In late 2015, he began writing a new album depicting a new era of vision entitled, "The Mountains Are Calling" which would express the emotions captured during his travels following in the footsteps of the great John Muir in the Sierra Nevada mountains. The album title holds a significant double meaning, in that the physical place of the mountains has offered adventure, refuge, and enjoyment, but also the metaphorical mountains of spiritual success and vision call out for us. In this album, the song "The Blinding Light" walks through the strong feelings of a redemptive story, and was specifically written so it could have subjective meaning for the listener. At present day, Ben has recorded an album covering his favorite hymns on the new album "Hymnology".