The Janzen Boys

Blink's Garden

Blink's Garden by The Janzen Boys
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ChildrenKid's Music
For fans of:Lennon and Maisy, The Rankin Family, Veggietales, Great Big Sea, Music Machine
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  1. 01 Just Don't Forget About That
  2. 02 Chapter 1 - A Wall In the Desert
  3. 03 Flowers
  4. 04 Chapter 2 - A Special Ability
  5. 05 Come Run Away
  6. 06 Chapter 3 - An Ancient Prophecy
  7. 07 You Just Gotta Believe
  8. 08 Chapter 4 - Over the Wall
  9. 09 Alright, Ok
  10. 10 Chapter 5 - The Other Side
  11. 11 Power
  12. 12 Chapter 6 - A Garden of Green

The Blink's Garden Band came together during the summer of 2016 for the creation of the Blink's Garden CD book, an initiative of Siloam Mission's community education program. Comprised of a number of well-known award-winning Winnipeg musicians and singers, the band spent a fun-filled three months recording at Stereobus Studios, Signpost Studios, and the Broadway Neighbourhood Centre. At the helm was producer Murray Pulver and story/songwriter John Janzen. The lead characters of Blink and Moeh were voiced by Erin Propp and Alexa Dirks, with William Prince voicing the wise old man. Simon and Mick Janzen of The Janzen Boys provided vocals for the story's opening song as well as the voices of the angry villagers.

Blink’s Garden began as a short parable, told in schools by Siloam Mission’s community educator John Janzen, about “seeing beauty where others can’t see.” It grew into a 77 stanza “epic kid’s poem” that was adapted into a stage play. Through cooperation with community groups like the Louis Riel School Division and Aboriginal Youth Opportunities, the play was performed at the Winnipeg and Edmonton Fringe Festivals, as well as in countless schools all over Manitoba.

Now Siloam Mission, in cooperation with Just TV and the Broadway Neighborhood Centre, presents the story along with songs and illustration for young learners everywhere. Listen and sing along to the story of Blink, Moeh and all the villagers as they discover the connection between the health of Blink's rejected garden and the health of their whole community. See what it means when we say “things starts to change when you connect your life with someone who is not like you.”


Music Producer: Murray Pulver Audio/Mix Engineer: Paul James and Paul Yee Book & CD Layout: Addison Sandy Project Management: Laura Johnson Musicians Drums - Ryan Voth, Bass - Paul Yee, Guitars - Murray Pulver Upright Bass - Julian Bradford, Keyboards - Marc Arnould Recorded at Stereobus Studio, Signpost Studio and Just TV Voice Actors/Vocalists Blink - Erin Propp Moeh - Alexa Dirks Old Man - William Prince Narrator - John Janzen Villagers Murray Pulver, Addison Sandy, Simon Janzen, Mick Janzen, Aaron Peterson, Mike Beauregard, Erin Propp, Alexa Dirks, Paul James Choir Mike Duerksen, Judi Heppner, Belinda Derksen, Diana Ishigaki, Aaron Peterson, Sean Hogan Special Thanks to: Garry Corbett Mike Beauregard Floyd Perras Lindsay Poggemiller Smith Aaron Peterson

ChildrenKid's Music
For fans of:Lennon and Maisy, The Rankin Family, Veggietales, Great Big Sea, Music Machine
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