The Layaways

For fans of:Christmas Music, Yo La Tengo, Christmas, The Jesus and Mary Chain, Low

The Layaways play indie rock. Or, as one reviewer described it, "bittersweet, melodramatic indie pop hooks." Or "moving, refreshingly un-mentalist guitar pop." Or "melodic, garage-influenced shoegaze." The group's catalog includes three albums of original material and a 2009 collection of off-kilter takes on holiday tunes that is threatening to become an indie rock Christmas classic. All four albums have been embraced by music bloggers, podcasters, and online radio, and terrestrial radio campaigns have resulted in top-30 chartings by dozens of college radio stations. The Layaways are scattered now, with two members in Chicago and one in Colorado, so live gigs are rare, but the group is still together and actively working on new music.