Lighthouse Keepers

For fans of:Wild Child, The Oh Hellos, Of Monsters and Men

Lighthouse Keepers are a group of college friends who have been playing together since the fall of 2013. It began with three students in a dorm room, with a violin, a guitar, a ukulele, and three voices; they started by playing around with various covers as well as free-styling collaboratively. Their first live performance was spring of 2014, and by the next year they began writing songs together as well. Since then they have added three more members, performed around campus, opened for Steve Aioki at their college's annual spring music festival, and published a full album of originals.

Members: Abby Westover (lead vocals and ukulele), Colby Knight (vocals and guitar), Ella Duncan (violin), Aidan Chavez (percussion), Matt Matsudaira (bass guitar), and Anthony Zonfrelli (ukulele)