The Likes Of Us

Time Traveler

Time Traveler by The Likes Of Us
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For fans of:Civil Wars, Colbie Caillat, Jason Mraz, The Likes Of Us, Nat King Cole
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  1. Train's Comin'
  2. Indian Summer
  3. Rainbow
  4. Moonshine
  5. Hello Lovely
  6. The Fallout
  7. Danger
  8. Face Like Yours
  9. Time Traveler
  10. Heatwave
  11. Hurricane
  12. Stay
  13. Northern Star
  14. La La Love
  15. The Moon Song
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Between their mutual affinity for retro-tinted duets and the fact that its members have logged countless miles on the road to recognition, it’s only fitting to find The Likes Of Us applying the metaphoric moniker Time Traveler to their immensely anticipated sophomore album. But Time Traveler is much more than a simple snapshot of the entire ride, but rather a fully immersive listening experience that’s likely to initially capture the senses thanks to the pair’s perfectly blended throw-back vocal arrangements. And for those who take the time to dig deeper than the musical enchantments that could come across as the love child of Etta James and John Mayer, there’s a myriad of emotions that span the landscape of heartache to hope to self-exploration and empowerment, all while marking many firsts for The Likes Of Us. “This album was such a beautiful struggle. We make music to take people on the crazy adventures we dream up when we’re sitting in front of a piano, drinking whisky and talking about life. Parts of it are muddy and dirty, parts of it are sunny and bright, the rest of it is whatever you want it to be.”


Writers: Katrina Stone, Benj Heard, Paul Anderson (Rainbow, Indian Summer), Aron Forbes (Heatwave), Sean Ridenour (Face LikeYours) Mikky Ekko & Justin Parker (Stay)

Recorded at BHeard Music, Revolver Studios, Werewolf Heart Studios, Harp Strung Trees Production

Producers: Benj Heard (BHeard Music) Katrina Stone (Maeweather Music)

Mixed at BHeard Music (Los Angeles) and Desperado Sound (Marlow, OK)

Instrumentalists: Aron Forbes (Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Dobro, Banjo, Ukulele) Brian Sutherland (Cello, Vocals), Brad Nyght (Drums, Percussion), Jason Baker (Fiddle, Violin), Aaron Tomasko (Upright Bass, Electric Bass) Danielle Nyght (Vocals) Katrina Stone (Vocals, Piano) Benj Heard (Vocals, Guitar, Banjo, Piano, Percussion), Titus Heard (Vocals), Holly Sangree (Vocals), Matthew Heard (Vocals), Levi Heard (Vocals), Micah Heard (Vocals)

Photography by Jared Thomas Photography

Special thanks to Mikal Blue, Jaron Nix, Tiffy Barraza, Sean Ridenour, Paul Anderson, Jared Kocka, Chelsea Fredell, Tbone Jansson, Aron Forbes, 5 Hits and a Mrs., and everyone who keeps us moving forward everyday.

For fans of:Civil Wars, Colbie Caillat, Jason Mraz, The Likes Of Us, Nat King Cole
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