TheOverflow Devo

For fans of:Lecrae, Tenth Avenue North, Newsboys, Chris Tomlin, Hillsong

What started as an idea, in the Summer of 2011, to engage the younger generation of Christian’s through music and media, soon grew into the site you’re visiting today. The Overflow is an organization that places the salvation of non-believers and the strengthening of Christ-followers as it’s primary business objective.

Here is the heart of TheOverflow: We feel our purpose is to provide a digital space where anyone can come to receive the inspired Word of God through music in a way that causes them to be filled with the Spirit. From there, we hope to provide resources that encourage them to take that filling and overflow into their communities in a way that reflects the love and teachings of Jesus Christ. We’re just a group of people from different music and corporate backgrounds that felt the call of the Lord.

We want to play our part in your….. #OverflowingLife: Taking the gifts that God has filled you with and use them to spill over into your family, friends, community, church and seekers. Show our Fathers love to the world to be #Overflowing Please keep us in your prayers. Ask for God’s guidance with this business and that we can play a small part in His will of seeing lives changed through His Son.