The Pollocks

For fans of:Neil Young, Drive By Truckers, Velvet Underground, Hold Steady, Rolling Stones

The Pollocks are the psychedelic South. Formed in 2008, the band has settled into a consistent lineup that can play both the rhythm and the blues; acoustically, or electrically. There's some classic country thrown in there, some Neil Young and Crazy Horse, Lou Reed, Beatles and Stones, Peter Green, The Band…

Jason Pollock was born and raised in central Virginia, and was the guitarist/songwriter and founding member of the rock band Seven Mary Three, writing such hits as "Cumbersome", "Water's Edge", and "Rock Crown". Time and circumstance led him back to the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains, where he coerced Maryline Meyer into singing with him on albums that he was recording in a spare bedroom. Nathan West was the next pick; he can be gentle, or beat fire from the drums. Thomas Gunn rounds out the lineup as bassist, guitarist, and composer. And he shares the songwriting duties with Jason.

Between the four of them, they've seen most of the planet and played music in every imaginable situation: from forgotten bar rooms with drunk hecklers (last night) to festivals with thousands of screaming fanatics. It's called "paying dues" and they've been doing it for years, in one form, or another. Like any band that's been around for a while, they enjoy doing the work and meeting new people... getting into adventures and seeing where the rabbit hole leads.

The Pollocks is an open-ended, open-minded experiment, flying high on raw emotions and musical discovery, while remaining grounded in the history of an original, American art form. Their story is best expressed through an amplified speaker.