The Quiet Science

For fans of:Hillsong United, Jesus Culture, The Killers, Coldplay

Since its inception, The Quiet Science has been known for an innovative

brand of story-driven, ethereal music. The band’s albums found a faithful audience who were

drawn to the stunning musical landscapes and harmonic convergence of hope and renewal.

Now, after a four-year hiatus, The Quiet Science reemerges with The Rekindling of the Stars,

their third and most worship-centric album to date.

“We have always focused our songs to tell honest stories of life – the good and the bad. Stories

that always end in redemption and renewal,” explains Nathan Walter, frontman for The Quiet

Science. “Our songs typically end in a place of worship, but at this time in our lives, we wanted to

create a project that was purely worship, focused on restoration. A worship album that could be

deeply personal for the individual, but one that could also be sung in a community setting.”

To create Rekindling, the band enlisted the talents of Mark Nicks, friend and frontman of the band

Cool Hand Luke, to record and add drums and percussion to the project. (quote – mark is part of

the band, etc…). Brandon Shattuck (The Vinyls) was tapped to mix the project, with mastering

by Paul Lapinski (Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, Ludacris, Yellowcard). “Quote: Since we have

worked with Mark, Brandon and Paul in the past, it made for a very comfortable recording

experience. They feel like family and they get what we’re about”

“The idea of Rekindling has grown to have a different definition to us,” he continues. “When you

look at creation and you realize the Creator that made us also made the stars, everything

becomes more beautiful – the stars, the sky, the world around us. In another sense, I imagine

that we are the stars. When we find the hope that we have in Him, we become brighter. We can

shine out into the dark for the world to see.”