The Scene Press Sampler

For fans of:Beartooth, The Icarus Account, Copperlily, The Ember Days, Good Luck Varsity

The Scene is the maturation of a project started in 2011 by Jonathan Kemp and a good friend of his from high school. What was originally started as a side project to voice their opinion on the latest music became a passion for Jonathan. After three years of running under the name The Christian Music Review Blog, he decided to change the name to The Scene.

One thing Jonathan learned over the years is that honesty matters in everything, but especially in music journalism. There are so many voices out there contributing their opinion on music, that at times it can be difficult to find a truly honest opinion on a record. This is we at The Scene will always give their honest, unbiased opinion on a record. We love hearing what you have to say about music too, so please voice your opinion on what we review as well. However, before you comment, please remember that everyone has their opinions on everything, so no one opinion is more correct than another.

At The Scene you will always be able to find the latest music news, reviews, and interviews. We strive to bring you solid content, whether it’s reviewing the latest tour or interviewing your favorite band or voicing our opinion on everything in between. Our one goal is to be the most unwavering voice in music.