The Simpson Band

For fans of:Richard Ashcroft, Coldplay, Switchfoot, Led Zeppelin, Genesis
The official Simpson family band. From the ashes of ’80's/90's London bands Guilty Heads and Faster Than Sheep singer Laban moved to France to “retire”. Sons Oli and Elliot soon showed signs of the musical bug and took up the apprenticeship, playing regularly as a family threesome. As growing interest in France for the live music scene provides the perfect stage, the “officially” formed The Simpson Band get to try out their family flavour. Oli, 17 on guitars, Elliot, 14, drumming when not skateboarding, Laban on vocals and guitar and newly recruited Nico Morin (no genetic link with the Simpsons found yet) on bass. In response to the self titled debut released in 2011, the Simpsons have come up with the follow up, "Hotworks". Enjoy!!!