The Well Reds

For fans of:Imagine Dragons, Coldplay, Maroon 5, OneRepublic, Muse

"Hailing from Atlanta, Georgia ... The Well Reds is an Alt-Pop Rock band that is the epitome of pure musical bliss. These guys have taken all their life experiences and inner energy and combined them to create songs that are so relatable that they grab at your heartstrings while stimulating your brain stem. If you are a fan of amazing well written songs sung by a singer who makes you feel like you have known him all your life, you will love The Well Reds as much as we do. Big radio songs filled with energy, passion, and emotion. Love this band!" -Daily Unsigned

It all comes back to the performance and it all builds up to the performance. It doesn't matter if it's a showcase in NY or LA, a tent in North Dakota, or a baseball field in Texas. The stage cuts through the tricks and demands honesty. Experience builds confidence, and confidence allows for consistency. A high level of consistency combined with really caring provides the platform to connect with someone, even if they don't know who you are yet.

We're The Well Reds from Atlanta, GA. Home of the Braves, Waffle House, and Coca-Cola. Soon we'll be releasing a new collection of songs that catalogue the highs and lows we've experienced personally and professionally as members of an independent touring band. We make music for the masses, we write songs that ask people to feel and move without placing any limitations or expectations on what they should think or experience. We're musicians because it's wired into our bones, inherited from professional musicians and musically inclined parents who proliferated a deep appreciation for the arts and an understanding that music matters, that performance matters.

It's through this understanding and with the support of friends, family, fans, and strangers alike that we've been able to invest so much of ourselves into the band, along the way notching up life experiences and collecting glimpses of what we want this band to be, of what we think this band can achieve. We've seen urban sunsets and country sunrises, our newest van recently hit 100,000 miles and the one before had the transmission fall out twice. We've played in the heat, in the cold, on big stages and small, for sold out audiences that sing along and to people who just happened to be walking by.

You could describe our songs as thoughtful, consciously aware pop music. We engage with a pallet of tight vocal harmonies, diverse instrumentation, and a melodic sensibility that allows a new listener to feel familiar from the start. Some people grab onto the melodies and that's enough for them, others will relate to the lyrics. For many listeners, snippets of our stories will speak to parts of their own lives like a communal basket of interchangeable parts and puzzle pieces. Songs from our last EP Violet have won us national competitions, garnered coverage and usage through many digital and traditional media outlets, and allowed us to perform meaningful shows all over the country. After a performance at Canal Room in NY, Bruce Tyler (former VP of Sony Music) told us that ... "I think after that performance you separated yourself from other artists trying to do the same thing, well done." For us as a band, each performance is that performance and we're hoping that this new music, recorded with Grammy Award Winning producer Joseph Prielozny, provides us with an opportunity to elevate ourselves and our group onto larger stages. It all comes back to the performance, and its all building to the next performance.