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For fans of:T.I, R. Kelly, Lecrae

Gideonz Army: There's NO ONE in the Hip-Hop industry creating music like these guys are! With bangin' beats, undeniable lyrical ability, and limitless love for ministry, Gideonz Army has definitely introduced the world to a new lane of Hip-Hop! If T.I., and Andre' "3000" Benjamin got together and decided to do music for the man upstairs, you’d have the dynamics of Gideonz Army!

Their style of ministering the Gospel allows people to see that the coolest thing they can ever do in life, is enter into a relationship with Jesus Christ. They are NOTHING like your average rappers, or the ministers most of us grew up listening too!!

"We're creating our own lane in Gospel, so some opposition is expected; but at the same time, opposition only makes a person stronger" -Souljah(of Gideonz Army). From the Club to the Pulpit, these guys are on a mission to spread the message of Jesus Christ, and refuses to slow down for traditional religion....

T Haddy: T-Haddy was born Thor Haddon on May 28, 1980, in Atlanta, GA. His gift for music emerged at the age of 5, when he began to write music after moving to Detroit with his mom. By age 11 he and his mom had moved back to Atlanta, where he became an accomplished self-taught keyboardist for his mother’s ministry, Deliverance of Faith.

Just five years later, while still in high school, T-Haddy began working as an engineer in the studio. Not only is he self-taught in making music, but God has enabled him to learn graphic design, web design, audio engineering, and video editing! In 2001 he wrote and produced his first album, titled The Drawing, with his gospel group Outcome.

T-Haddy has also had the opportunity to work with such well-known artists as (his cousin) Deitrick Haddon, J Moss, Tye Tribbett and Canton Jones. Besides being a singer, songwriter, and producer, T-Haddy is also an anointed and dedicated youth pastor over his youth group Young City. He also modestly admits to being the Worship Leader at his church. With all of that responsibility, T-Haddy manages to be a dedicated and loving husband and father. This young man can truly say, as Paul wrote, “Follow my example, as I follow the example of Christ.”