For fans of:Lecrae, Bizzle, Flame, Sevin, GS

Texas born and Louisiana raised, Bruce (Palace) Garner Jr. is no stranger to good music. A love for music was birthed in him at the very young age of 5, singing in the church choir every Sunday morning. But even with this love he did not dream of being a rapper. He came to Christ at age 7, but really struggled with understanding what being a Christian really embodied. At 18 years of age he graduated from a small village in Florien Louisiana and moved two hours south to a college in Lake Charles. Still struggling with his faith, years later found himself addicted to alcohol, drugs, and pornography. His addictions where so overwhelming that he dropped out of college. That same year something miraculous happened. He explains it like this...

" I was sick of being an addict. I couldn't move, go to work, hold a conversation, eat, or have fun without being high. I know I had a problem but couldn't shake the urge to dope up. One day I listened to a sermon on a cd that someone gave me. It was a sermon about asking God for what you want, and believing he will hear you. I was so fed up with my life, I remember crying on my apartment floor. At the time I was sleeping on an air mattress that had wholes in it. I remember crying out to God and asking him to come take the addiction away. At that very moment I felt a heavy wind pass through my body twice! No other way I can explain it. When I got off of the floor I felt lighter. Everything I saw changed. I felt as if I saw color for the first time. Everything was so bright and vibrant. That's the day that Jesus delivered me from my addiction. I have been drug free every since."

From that moment on Palace began to learn more and more about Jesus. He joined a church and was ordained years later as a minister. He picked up a MacBook Pro one day and started to play around on garage band. He made a beat and wrote a song to it and then one thing lead to another. A year later he was on a plane flight to Sacramento to meet up with Sevin to shoot his first CHH music video. And the rest is history.

Present day, Palace Birah is a member of a small, elite class of hip hop artists who are adept at MCing, producing, and writing hip hop music. Palace signed to the CHH label IDJ in October of 2015. Two of his projects, 2016's Ain't No Compromise In Me V.1 and 2017's Ain't No Compromise In Me V.2, have literally shut the mouths of the naysayers. His voice has been said to give listeners goosebumps. His sound puts him in a category of his own. His wordplay, relatable lyrics, and unique sound have made him an in-demand collaborator who has worked with the likes of Sevin, GS, Bryan Trejo, and many more. Palace currently resides in Louisiana where he is slated to release his first LP before the end of 2017.