Tim Kasher

Daytrotter Session - Nov 15, 2013

Nov 15, 2013 Daytrotter Studio Rock Island, IL by Tim Kasher
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  1. Welcome to Daytrotter
  2. Worked Up So Sexual
  3. Truly Freaking Out
  4. The Willing Cuckold
  5. A Raincloud Is A Raincloud
There was a woman this morning who felt the need to express herself to us. This woman felt that we could benefit from her admonishment of our lingual behavior. She felt that -- for the advancement of humanity, or in an attempt to slow the extinction of humanity -- her cluck clucking was going to be heard. She told us that within the first five seconds of being here in our little world, she saw the f-word, which was actually a direct quote of a line from a session that she may have (gasp!) been preparing to listen to, and that was enough for her. She knew immediately that she and her "30-ish" year-old son could not be in the same room as us, for she so terribly disapproves of the prevalent and ubiquitous use of the word fuck in today's society. This lady is entitled to her own opinion, but damned if she isn't pointing out something that should be considered pretty low on the totem pole as far as the degradation of society goes. If a grown ass lady and her beyond adult son feel as if their eyes are going to burn out of their sockets at the mention or siting of the word fuck, their days must be riddled with catastrophes and disappointment.

They aren't gonna hear the f-word here, but Tim Kasher probably isn't the person they'll want to speak with if they're looking to sugarcoat their existences or to pad all of the rugged experiences and people who are waiting for them everywhere they look. The characters that Kasher has written into existence here/on his latest album "Adult Film," are very real people who have developed something between hyper-sensitivity and a desensitized attitude. It's a bit like when you get to the point where you recognize that there are a lot of messed up or bedraggled people out there who are -- sorry to say -- in very fucked up situations. These scenes are of when these people have sunk into the folds and they've been taking their nourishment from the underbelly. They've been able to look out and see that their college educations have turned out to be lackluster, that everyone's got their own aggressive perversities to navigate and they're quite worn down by all the hope they once had. Things have shifted for these people and they're seeing clearly, right into the cloudy future.