TMak e Fortune Teller

#LOVE Extensions LP

#LOVE Extensions LP by TMak e Fortune Teller
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Hip-Hop/RapHip Hop
For fans of:Travis Scott, Asaph, 2 Chainz, Future, Cardi B
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  1. Cover Girl (Prod. RicandThadeus)
  2. Money Bag (Ft. Streezy T) (Prod. RicandThadeus)
  3. ATM (Ft. Norma) (Prod. Amazing)
  4. No Targerts (Ft. K9) (Prod. Drizzy)
  5. Is This Love (Prod. Kris)
  6. Blessed (Ft. Dough Major & Mitch Uta) (Prod. RicandThadeus)
  7. Winning (Ft. Marko & Teemo) (Prod. The Good Doctor)
  8. No Frauds (Interlude)
  9. Now That You're Here (Ft. Torry)
  10. VVS (Ft. Asaph) (Prod. RicandThadeus)
  11. Bad Girl (Ft. MK & SkyBeezy)
  12. Gimme Gimme (Ft. Calvin Treazy) (Prod. The Good Doctor)
  13. Lights (Prod. The Good Doctor)
  14. The Way (Prod. The Good Doctor)
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#LOVE Extensions out now!Available in stores and for free download.

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All music by TMak e Fortune Teller (c) 2017 Visceral Music Group, SoundTrack Entertainment and The Gondo Vision. A division under Visceral Group zw


Visceral Music Group (C) 2017, SoundTrackEntertainment (c) 2017, TheGondo Vision (c) 2016

Master Producer & Sound Engineer: Sky Beezy

Featured Artists: Streezy T, Norma, K9, Dough Major, Mitch Uta, Marko, Teemo, Tory, Asaph, Mk, Sky Beezy, Calvin Treazy

Producers: RicandThadeus, Sky Beezy, The Good Doctor, Amazing, Boy Tricky, Kris, Dizzy

Cover art: Saint Uno

Track List: Digitale Pilgrim Media

Visuals: The Gondo Vision

Funding: NOFAM Enteprises

Dressing and Shoots: & AnimoMeo

Hip-Hop/RapHip Hop
For fans of:Travis Scott, Asaph, 2 Chainz, Future, Cardi B
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