Todd Meador

For fans of:Josh Garrels, Iron & Wine, Jon Foreman, The Brilliance, Matt Redman

"Todd Meador is an artist and worship pastor from Austin, Texas where he serves The Church At East. The majority of his time in 2015 was spent in the studio completing two records including the recently released worship album 'Dwell In Us.' His songs portray humility in the requested presence of the Father, and invite us to reflect on the beauty as well as the struggle of our faith within His presence. Similar to the Psalmists of the Old Testament, he sings of the trial we face with doubts and yet comfortably returns us to the acts of surrender and praise. This album truly creates a resonating call for the Holy Spirit to be present within our lives." - Relevant Magazine | The Drop |

About From Flint To Fire EP:

A few years ago I started writing a song for my son. It began after I experienced what would be my closest brush with death to date. The experience left me feeling a need to show him how much I love him with something that I can leave behind for him in the case that God called me home before he was old enough to truly know me. It started out as a lullaby that I would sing to him as I rocked him to sleep. Over time I found myself constantly rewriting and crafting it into a real song. As he grew older and as I grew as a father, I simply allowed it to evolve into what it was meant to become. My desire to give him that song by his 5th birthday ignited a drive in me to finalize and record a few more songs I was writing for others. It's amazing what can happen when you create something with love, for someone you love, while doing what you love. In early 2014 I started leading worship at a church in east Austin called The Church At East. A friendship arose with an old acquaintance who ran sound there named Brian Douglas Phillips. Brian and I had known each other through the music scene in Austin and crossed paths many times before. I feel extremely blessed to now call him and his family close friends. In February of 2015 I took these songs to Brian's studio [Rattle Trap Audio] and with our friend Clint Simmons on drums, we brought them to life together. Thank you for taking the time to listen and for your love and encouragement, it means a lot.