Chris Treborn

For fans of:Grits, Lupe Fiasco, Kid Cudi, Common, tobyMac
‘Sitting On Sidelines’ is a mentality we have all heard of and accepted as failure. But being the runner up, first loser, next best, second round draft pick, on deck, etc. only allows us the chance to improve and increase. We have all been to that point in our lives. This project a collaboration between producer Evan Beranek and emcee Chris Treborn. After Treborn was heard spitting rhymes at South Salem Young Life Club, kids noticed how well the two sounded together. They made an agreement and decided to bless each other with one another’s talents. Obviously, the two were better than simply one. Most of us have experienced ‘Sitting On Sidelines’ at one point in our lives. It’s all about being ready to play. Even if you’re not out there – starting, you got next. So be prepared for the game. Plus it’s better to be ‘Sitting On Sidelines’ than to be watching from the stands. Be a participator, not a spectator!