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<a href="">Tre</a> | Musical Artist

Born Brandon Adam Harrison on June 3, 1991 but is better known by fans as the stage name Tre. He is a white rapper and music producer from Pretoria, South Africa. He founded the label Talent and Technique Productions, TnT Productions and later redesigned to be TnT Corporation.<br><br>Tre has released four studio albums. First was Up and Coming in late 2012. Then, Return of Tre in 2013. Following that up with his hit album called Tre Dayin 2014. Then finally. Get Up: All City Toy album in 2015. Currently he is working on his next project called M.A.D.<br><br>In 2014 he worked on a seven track collaborative E.P called Break Bad, with the artist Mr Problematic.<br><br>During about 2015, 2016, and 2017 and yet still working on the M.A.D project, he put together three side projects which would were called Method To The MADness, Mind of Madness and Euro Trippin'.