Trevor Krehel

For fans of:Ruston Kelly, Jack Johnson, Matt Maeson, James Bay, Drew Holcomb

Trevor Krehel has spent the last several years crafting his sound for his debut EP, "Let Go". What started as a hobby with his brother, Palmer, writing and recording songs quickly turned into a passion. From recording in dorm closets and apartment bathrooms to turning their childhood bedrooms into a mini studio, the making of the EP was DIY start-to-finish. They stayed true to the sound along the way; mics straight to every instrument, no autotune, what you hear is what happened in the room. 

Trevor's love for acoustic and rock & roll intertwines throughout each song. Ranging from ukulele melodies on the title track, crunchy distortion in 'Close to the Edge', and big arena drums in 'Better With You', the EP highlights influences from a wide variety of singer-songwriters and modern rock artists.