Tyler Layne

For fans of:Justin Beiber, Katy Perry, Nick Jonas

Raised in Portsmouth, VA, vocally gifted teen heartthrob, Tyler Layne, got his start in the entertainment business at the tender age of four when he joined his church's choir. He was instantly featured in his own solos by the time he was five, only 8 months after his introduction to music.

From this early success, it did not take long for Tyler to excel at an adult level. By the time he was ten, he was already auditioning for lead roles in TV and motion picture features. After a performance one day at an event in his home town, Tyler was approached by local Radio Disney top executives and ending up performing for them, leading them to sign him to the much touted group RD7. Tyler was told he beat out of hundreds of other talented hopefuls to become a featured member of the group and was given the opportunity to open for such Disney standouts as Raven Symone, The Cheetah Girls, The Jonas Brothers, Miley Cyrus and America's Original Idol, Kelly Clarkson. More recently Tyler has opened for MTKO, Lindsay Sterling, BeBe Rhexa, and Cody Simpson.

In addition to being a talented vocalist, Tyler has also spent years honing his skills both as a composer and a musician, while he is accomplished at both the guitar and piano. He is also a skilled song writer, with one of his proudest professional achievements at just 14 years old being the writing and performing of the song “Where I Wanna Be” with the globally known Pop Rock group, Everlife.

Tyler’s refreshing style and sound was influenced by a wide range of artists, from the endearing charm and showmanship of Justin Timberlake and Bruno Mars, to the strong moral values of Nick Jonas. From songs that touch on the aspects of a teen’s life to melodic easy feeling vibes that families can sing together, Tyler seems to strike a cord that builds emotion in all of us. Spring of 2013, Tyler began working in studio with the production/writing team of GoodWill & MGI to bring a classic pop tune to life with the title track, “Boom Boom”. The team is responsible for 16 major label placements just in 2013 alone. Tyler is currently in the studio with Sosa Music Group recording new music for his loyal fan base, The Layneatics (Layne-A-Ticks). Tyler has amassed quite a following on social media which has helped get him noticed by wildly popular tours Digi Tour, OMG Music Fest, Teen Hoot, Bravefest, The Jam Tour and I Heart Radio Now 105.3 Not So Silent Night. In addition to his busy music career, Tyler is a full time college student, and the newest on air personality for I Heart Radio's station Now 105.3 FM. Tyler is among one of the youngest DJs at I Heart Media. You can tune in Monday through Friday 10 -12 pm locally to hear Tyler's Trending or on the I Heart Radio App. When Tyler is not behind the microphone you can also find him behind the camera creating new content for his fans on Youtube. Tyler also has a big heart for volunteerism and devotes much of his time to his favorite charities. Tyler is a supporter of the Self Approved Project in his community and Guitars for Vets, VA, which provides guitars and music lessons to returning war veterans afflicted with PTSD. It is one of his proudest achievements, knowing that he helps bring comfort while sharing his love for music with some of America’s bravest kids and Heroes. With the pending release of his newest singles, new radio show and current multi-city touring schedule, 2015 is promising to be a big year for the talented teen sensation.