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Happy by VCC Augusta
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Christian/GospelKid's Music
For fans of:Nickel Creek, Veggie Tales, Vineyard
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  1. Sun
  2. Happy
  3. Thank
  4. Love
  5. Wonder
  6. Dancing
  7. Lift
  8. Joy
  9. Clap
  10. Strong
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HAPPY is a labor of love, written to give expression to the simplest and purest of faith, little children. Many songs on the album were inspired by the spirit and character of individual children at Vineyard Community Church, Augusta. These songs are simple, but they were painstakingly and lovingly crafted. Songs for children do not need to be any less creative or any less thought out than songs for adults. We think that the care we have taken in this project has revealed itself through the abundant positive feedback that we continue to receive even many years after this album's initial release.

These songs have been used for worship in preK children's classes at our church. Having led these children in worship personally, we have found some of the most treasured and precious moments in times of freedom amongst the little children. Unified shouts of praise arising from little voices, hands in the air, girls twirling and spinning in praise to the Lord of hosts, little children are capable of true worship. As with adult services, not every session was a mountaintop experience. However, there were so many truly inspiring moments that we brought the children's worship in to the adult worship services on several occasions. With the children in front and the band playing, a spirit of freedom, fun, and hilarity rested on the congregation in a manner that was unique to having a children's worship session with adults. Laughter, joy, and silliness were abundant in the worship services. These were some of the most undignified worshipful times with the Lord.

We hope that this album brings you to the simple truths of God and reinforces the truth of His love and care for us. We endeavored to convey these truths both lyrically and instrumentally. We pray that this will bless the spirit of listeners of any and all ages alike.


All songs written by Jeffrey Miller and Elsie Spingath. Vocals, guitars, flute, mandolin, percussion, sound effects, and whistling by Jeff and Elsie. Special thanks to Patrick Steed, Philip Wong, and Doug Oxford for various contributions. Thank you to all who helped fund this project.

Mixing and post production by Frank Oesterheld, Mechanical Bride Recorded Sounds, Savannah, GA.

Album art by Kristen Larson.

Christian/GospelKid's Music
For fans of:Nickel Creek, Veggie Tales, Vineyard
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