Vide Geiger

For fans of:Damien Rice, David Gray, Ray LaMontagne, Neil Young, Dave Matthews Band

Born into a Swedish commune in the late 70s, Vide found himself surrounded with people living close to nature. Expressing our true selves and playing instruments was a natural part of the day and it set the path to where he is today: performing artist, songwriting coach, studio musician and a guitar teacher.

With roots in a family of creative professionals (an award-winning Vaudevillian, an international fashion designer, and a Hollywood producer), he has found his own path of authentic expression. Underlying his music are themes of personal growth, self-love, intuition and connection to spirit.

After having attended a Waldorf school in the US, he studied music in college, learning a broad spectrum of guitar styles. His compositions were used in the soundtrack of a documentary on Swedish television, and his photography has been published in various magazines. Always one to diversify, Vide is a licensed open water scuba diver and professional disc golfer and was trained in fire rescue after refusing to use weapons in military service.