For fans of:Sharon Lois & Bram, Eric Nagler, Alan Menkin

vogelJoy formed in 2010 when Kimberly & Terry wanted to include their children Louisa, Oliver and Sophie in their musical adventures of performing, writing, rehearsing, meeting new people and fun. Since then they have spread their love of music and family through their musical kids shows across Ontario and even other parts of Canada.

2015 has brought some of the band's best music yet! Their single "100 Ways for Me to Get to You" was released with a very colourful and kid loving music video that brings smiles to all and that watch and sing-a-long. "100 Ways for Me to Get to You" has already been celebrated as having that sweet Vintage Sesame Street vibe -- a noteworthy review (see press section) as well as plays on a Kindie Music podcast. More notable music is found in their album “A Friend Like You” (2012) and the single “Honk! Honk! Honk!” (2014).

vogelJoy sings at fairs, festivals and special events all across Ontario and parts of Canada. Several recent highlights include Burlington’s Sound of Music Festival 2014, Stratford Ontario’s Swan Festival 2014, Guelph’s Hillside Music Festival 2012, Carp Fair, giant and enthusiastic house concerts in Langenburg Saskatchewan and concerts across the Canadian Prairies including the Manitoba Children’s Museum in Winnipeg (2014).

Their album, A Friend Like You received great reviews including one by one of their very own favourite Children’s entertainers Eric Nagler! “I am very impressed with the arrangements and production values. The variety of styles and excellent musicianship keeps the music alive.” --Eric Nagler, 4 time Best Children's Album Juno Nominee, The Elephant Show Eric's World