For fans of:The Civil Wars, Bob Dylan, Feist, Sufjan Stevens, David Byrne

Eleven albums after their 1995 debut in Kansas City, MO, the now Nashville-based band Waterdeep is still writing and recording vital music, including their latest album that features some of their best material yet. In the past three years, since Waterdeep relocated to Nashville, Don & Lori Chaffer have put out three albums, two solo projects and two musicals; they never seem to suffer from a shortage in creativity. Waterdeep has also earned a stellar live reputation, often reinventing themselves on stage, not just from tour to tour, but from song to song. They are as at home in a shout as they are in a whisper, and the stories they tell, and the poems they read all lend a candid and familiar light to their shows. After an evening with them, you feel like you've made new friends.